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I just ordered the energy suspension kit for my 77 280z. not i need to get the strut cartridges and i guess i will be ready to go. i am missing something?
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What all comes in the kit? Make sure it has bump stops. They sit on top of the strut rod. it prevents it from bottoming out and damaging the strut.

Are your springs in good shape? Do you like a nice softer ride or stiffer for cornering?

Does the car sag to the rear?

Basically now is the time to figure out how you want your car to handle and these guys can tell you how to get it there.

I chose MSA springs and tokico illuminas and did energy suspension grafite inpregnated urathane bushings all the way around. I like the way my rig sits and the way it handles. But i did plenty of shopping around before i did it though. Beware: Spindle pins are evil in the form of a car part!

Good luck!
Yeah, if your springs are shot, nows the time to replace em.

Tokico has a package that puts shocks and springs together for cheaper.

shop around though, internet prices range a lot for the same struts. So does shipping for that matter too.

just ordered tokicos for my 77. proam in houston had them in stock and want $60 less than victoria or motorsport
ok i just ordered the Tokico spring/shock kit from proam. thx for the info! i got the spring, shocks, and bushings on the way. anything else to do it right? i will do the brakes at the same time.
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