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Hey all . I want to replace all bushings (suspension) While under there (Dropping and cleaning out gas tank) I noticed those old rubber bushings are about gone. ( car sat up 4 or so years) I saw a complete kit in Victoria British cat.(about 200.00) and was wondering....is this a job I can do myself ? I have tools ,decent amt of mechanical knowledge(getting better all the time ,thanks to you'll) and I just want to know if I should plan to do it or get help? Also is that price about right or should I look elsewhere?
Thanks a lot
ps I have ordered FSM. Should get it in another week or so. Ta daaaa (lots of you told me to get one)

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Do it!

I'm about to order the urethane bushing kit too for my '78. My buddy did it a year ago--along with new eibach springs and tokico shocks. HUGE difference in handling! Do it!!!!!!]

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Hey Alex

yeah definately do it -- but you might want some help

my first z car had all urethane and tokico struts --
my next few cars did not -- it is a night and day difference --
(I did the front end on one of these cars which helped but longed for the feel of my first z ccar)

so I just had the whole thing done on the Z I am driving now

if the $200 is the price for urethane bushings -- then that is not bad
I bought g machines urethane bushings and pieced together a complete set and it definately cost me more than that ---
also it was a pain trying to track down all the bushings (at local shops) and for a few applications I used energy suspension urethane bushings (the g machines ones are sold for Z cars -- the energy suspension ones are generic bushings that just happen to be the right size -- and are a lot cheaper ----- but the g machine bushings are thicker and fit better)

most of my trouble in finding bushings was due to the fact that I have aftermarket sway bars and I just could not find the right size and shape bushings (I still need bushings for my rear sway bar --- just gave up on this)

motorsports also offers kits
(I noticed some of the kits are for rubber bushings --- its what is original --- but urethane is so much nicer)

also you have a choice on the strut rod bushings --- you can either by strut rud urethane bushings --- or you can use a tension compression kit --- the TC kit is solid plastic with a couple boots ---
it gives you better handling -- but it is intended for racing not for street driving
(I have had the t/c kit on a few cars ----- I installed and instantly removed it from my current Z) --- the downside is that it is so rigid that when you hit a pot hole or railroad tracks - or an uneven patch of road -- you really feel it
even worse is that it takes it out on your frame

as far as weather this is a do it yourself job -- its not for me (but I am not that mechanical)
I had a friend who races Z cars -- do the suspension for me -- it cost me a few hundred -- and it took him a good 3 days (then again we were hanging out and drinking beer and wasting a little time) also
at the same time he replace rotors - brake lines - tie rod ends and ball joints

part of the reason it took so long - is that we were replacing stuff as we noticed it was bad -- so a lot of down time for parts running ---
also he was doing the job in an extremely small work area -- with the car up on jack stands --- and mostly using hand tools

I also had him put on a set of 4 KYB struts (this was another day) -- I debated spending the extra on Tokico --- but after talking to several race car drivers and mechanics -- I decided to save the money and use KYB --- I have no complaints
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