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> Over the past several months i have been
> getting everything that i needed to replace
> and improve the suspension on my 83zx. I got
> eibach springs, tokico struts, new tierods,
> new ball joints new bushings from
> motorsports. Two weeks ago i finally had
> time to install the final component, the
> bushings. That job ended up to be the worst
> part of everything that i did. The bushings
> that i got are meant to be installed in the
> control arms front and rear without the
> sleeves. I tried to press the sleeves out
> with a press but that did not work. I took
> it to a machine shop but they did not have
> any luck. What i ended up doing was using a
> hack saw and cutting the sleeve in two
> different places and then pounding them out
> with a screwdriver and hammer.
> After all that work i was getting very
> pissed off. but after getting the new tires
> on and getting it aligned, i am extremely
> pleased with the results. The handling has
> improved 100%. and driving the car puts a
> smile on my face ever time i get take
> corners at speed.
> Good luck to any one who wants to replace
> the bushings, the result is worth the work
> Web 83 zx

The easiest way to get old rubber bushings out is to burn them with a torch. Keep heating until they start on fire, and let them burn a bit. Then all you have to do is push them out.:)
P.S. do this out side, lots of black smoke!
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