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> Anyone have any information on supercharging
> an L28? In general, supercharging is a
> simpler mod. than turbocharging, but I have
> never heard of supercharging a Z engine.

I looked into this myself. I talked to a guy that works for Paxton in the Atlanta, GA area. He is high on the idea but no one makes a complete kit for doing this. It has been done, though, and several of the supercharger outfits will be willing to advise you on how to go about it - no liability if it blows up on you though.
A supercharger has two disadvantages compared to the Turbo.
1) It generally is only good for about 7 psi boost so you'll only get about a 40% HP increase and
2) It is powered all the time so you lose gas mileage - not much - only 1-2 mpg - but you still lose it.
The advantages the supercharger has over the turbocharger are:
1) No spool up time so the response is instant,
2) It is a torque generating monster
3) It doesn't have to deal with exhaust air heat.

I finally got tired of trying to decide which way to go so I'm going to opt for an aluminum block V-8.
Good luck,
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