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> units on a fuel injected l28! with these
> superchargers, a ram air air filter system,
> and a big bore throttle body you could
> easily add 50 to 120 horses in about two and
> a half hours. you might want to check out
> motorsport auto for the air filter and big
> bore if you are interested. heres the phone
> # 1800-633-6331. You can get a 144 pg
> catalog for free. nothin but z parts. its
> awesome. Amd for just the superchargers you
> can go to spiralmax.com. its a very good web
> site. there superchargers will work on any
> car. for 2 units its 130.00 for 1 its about
> 60-70. you would want to do 2 if you wanted
> to really notice a difference. 4 would be
> just awesome. 4 units is what I am saving up
> for and I am probably ordering 2 of them
> this friday. its the best thing for your
> money.
i would be VERY skeptical without seeing a dyno run from a reputable facility proving your claims. you should be too, especially if you are having to save to accumulate this much money! my z has been dyno proven at 270 rwhp, and believe me, there is no such thing as one dollar per horsepower.
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