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Re: friend did it, don't do it!

> I agree completely. If it was that easy all
> the winning racers would be using it. Also,
> this is NOT any type of supercharger - all
> it's supposed to do is get better
> atomization by 'swirling' the intake charge
> before the fuel is added (and I seriously
> doubt that this will do anything other than
> add restriction, or possibly screw up the
> metering on a carb). By definition, a
> supercharger increases the mainifold
> pressure to some level above atmospheric
> pressure. A passive device like this swirly
> thing simply cannot do this. The best you
> can hope for is for it not to decrease the
> manifold pressure appreciably, due to the
> restriction it adds.

> Actually, though, if you look at their
> website, the horsepower claims might not be
> that hard to meet - they claim typical
> increases of 0 to 35 hp - so as long as they
> don't decrease the power output, they've met
> their goal. I personally think they'll still
> have trouble meeting that goal.

> Caveat Emptor.

I have a friend who told me about this devise three months ago and explained how it would increase airflow, like getting the fluid swirling and dumping it out of a two liter bottle. It definitely will empty faster. Try it. However, he bought two of these swirly gigs, one for each of his cars. He has a mid 90s Taurus, and a late 80s Trooper. He said that he thought he maybe could feel a little more torque at low end on his Trooper, but it had no noticible affect on his Taurus.

So, Spend your hard earned dollars on a K & N filter and other intake and exaust mods, not the Swirly gig.

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Re: Explanation of bottle test, swirlygig worthles

> There is a big difference between emptying
> water from a bottle and getting more air
> into your cylinders. The engine is more or
> less an open system, whereas the bottle is
> closed. With a bottle, water can't leave
> unless air comes in. When you get the water
> swirling, the centrifugal force
> holds the water to the sides of the bottle
> opening and allows water to leave and air to
> enter simultaneously, so you end up emptying
> the bottle faster. But try this: cut a big
> hole in the bottom of the bottle to let air
> in as you empty it. Now compare emptying the
> bottle with water swirling or not swirling.
> With this setup, the swirling water will
> take longer to empty. The passive swirlygig
> is worthless junk, plain and simple. It can
> only add restriction to airflow. If you
> wanted to improve combustion, you'd have to
> do what every automaker has done: change the
> flow of air into and within the combustion
> chamber itself. This doesn't add lots of
> power but does reduce unburned hydrocarbons
> and other pollutants, and the automakers
> have had to drastically improve the
> cleanliness of their engines
> lately.

> Ask yourself this, if the swirlygig worked,
> why haven't automakers installed them on
> their cars from the factory, and don't tell
> me because it would be too expensive for
> them. Any fuel or horsepower advantage is
> worth huge bucks to them.

> My $0.02

> Spend your hard earned dollars on a K

I wasn't advocating or supporting their theory of swirling air being able to enter faster into the engine. Simply stating that example as they did to my friend when he called them to get more information. Actually, I believe it is Tonado Air not Swirl Whatever that uses this water evacuation example to sell their gadget. Unfortunately, he, my poor gullable friend, bought the whole package. Fortunately for me, he was honest enough to himself and me to admit it didn't do much, if anything.

I hope that clarifies, if their was ever any cloud.

Good luck.

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