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> i would be VERY skeptical without seeing a
> dyno run from a reputable facility proving
> your claims. you should be too, especially
> if you are having to save to
> accumulate this much money! my z has been
> dyno proven at 270 rwhp, and believe me,
> there is no such thing as one dollar per
> horsepower.

I agree completely. If it was that easy all the winning racers would be using it. Also, this is NOT any type of supercharger - all it's supposed to do is get better atomization by 'swirling' the intake charge before the fuel is added (and I seriously doubt that this will do anything other than add restriction, or possibly screw up the metering on a carb). By definition, a supercharger increases the mainifold pressure to some level above atmospheric pressure. A passive device like this swirly thing simply cannot do this. The best you can hope for is for it not to decrease the manifold pressure appreciably, due to the restriction it adds.

Actually, though, if you look at their website, the horsepower claims might not be that hard to meet - they claim typical increases of 0 to 35 hp - so as long as they don't decrease the power output, they've met their goal. I personally think they'll still have trouble meeting that goal.

Caveat Emptor.
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