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sucky california style mirrors

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bought and installed teh california style mirrors you find for cheap on ebay last spring. they're really not living p to expectations. small mirror, the whole thing looks cheap and crappy, hard to adjust, don't stay welll adjusted... etc.

anyone have a recommendation on decent mirrors for a 76 Z? i'm trying to maintain a fairly classic look -- nothing too modern.
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Stock mirrors look great. I can help you refurbish some you pick up cheap. A rewarding and quick project. And hey, you already have temporary mirrors while you work.
Cheap Ebay mirrors not living up to expectations? Hmmm. I quess that old saying is still true. "You get what you pay for"
hey, at least i might be saving some other sucker who gets to read this....

now then for heroe whats a good source for teh stock mirror? mine old LH side one was previously already aftermarket, and is broken. if possible i'd like to get a set so i have a RH mirror as well.

more suggestions welcome....
Re: Who would BUY those style mirrors?

Those things look like they attach to the car with a hose or something. Who would go for this look? I live in California but my Z sports the "baby Tornado" made in Italy about 10 years ago. Nice big Porsche sized mirrors for me. Norm K.
Look in the "parts & Accessories For Sale" section or post in the WTB Parts section on ZCAR.COM .
I would call some parts yards in your area. If nothing, try z barn in tennessee, or the classifieds here. A lot of states have z clubs, check there.
I rather favor the Vitaloni "Baby Turbo" which I believe are still available.
take a look at 82-92 f body gm mirrows they fit the door and look great
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