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Subwoofer Install Ideas?

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I have two Kicker Solo-Baric L5 series 15" Subs and I'm looking for some install ideas. I want something innovative that utilizes space well; maybe something with the amps mounted to the back of the seats on an MDF panel. Maybe building a closed or ported box in the space behind the seats. http://www.zcarcreations.com/howto/stereoinstall.htm"]This guy[/url] had some good ideas. I have a 10" sub for the spare wheel compartment, so that space is already taken..

Anybody do something similar or have any ideas?

Thanks in advance for input.
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I saw a picture of one a while back where they built it into the back panel. I would not cut into the doors. I put in "DB" speakers in the front and rear thru an Alpine unit. It sounds great. So unless you are from the culture that tries to incur hearing loss at an early age, you really don't need boom botta boom ;-)
on my prior 280zx, i installed my kicker amp in the lift-up storage compartment behind the passenger's seat (however at the time, the amp was kinda big, i removed the plastic storage bin and installed the unit right to the metal underneath. it worked pretty good and was perfectly hidden from the untrained theft eye. is installed aftermarket speakers in the stock areas, and used a single 12" subwoofer box that sat in the hatchback, secured by the stock nissan luggage straps. I mounted the amp on/off switch where the stock radio hi/low knob where used to be (opposite side of the cigarette lighter. looked clean and sounded great. I plan to do the same on my current '83 zx.

do us all and your car a favor.... don't install one of those rediculous super bass systems that sound like the car is going to fall apart while going down the road ;D


Maybe come up with somthing cleaver like behind the seats maybe if your a short person?
Its just added weight. I'd rather be nimble for emergency situations than wagging like a hachi.
15" kickers are too much for a Z. I have one 12" L7 and i regret putting it in. Everything rattles, and its loud enough to keep you from breathing(literally). These cars are VERY acoustic and 2 15"s would literally bust out all your windows. Sounds cool until you realize how much the windows cost.

If you want a stupid loud stereo, get a kicker 12" L7. It's every bit as loud as the car can take.
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