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SU carb question... Float bowls

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Ok I've got one to stump you guys...

I am rebuilding a set of my carbs for my 260z. They are the 3 screw SU carbs.

So I have maybe around 5 sets of these carbs and thus far I have found that every complete set has the same thing...

The Float Valves on both carbs are 2 different sizes. I'm talking one is about 1cm longer. I have 2 different types as well. One is all metal like you'd find in motorcyle carbs and the other is a glass ball type. I like the glass ball one. Anyway a few are diferent lengths than others but they all seem to have approx. 1cm longer on one side.

What's the deal?

I can get the float bowls to fill to the same level but I don't understand why Nissan built it this way...
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They did the two different lengths to counter the engines angle the way it's mounted in the car. If you get two new vavles from Nissan, you shouldn't have any problems. You can get the number # 2 valves for better flow. The 1.8 was in the earlies and the 2.0 was in the later. And somewhere they used both for front and the rear but I can't remember which order.

I am running the glass ones currently and they are doing great...

I got everything tuned and fixed an exhaust leak. I had to replace the front carb as the butterfly valve was damaged sometime before I owned the car and was screwing my idle and mid-range. I found a nice tight set from a previous car I had and rebuilt the front one. I got the car tuned and then got the paint marker out to mark my settings...

The engine in my car sits pretty level... It doesn't have much of a tilt. Besides it shouldn't make much difference. The float bowls aren't connected.
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