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> Well my problem is with the strange idea of
> Datsun to put a seat and seatbelt safety
> swith on the 260. You must be sitting in the
> seat with the belt on or the car will not
> start. I would like to disable this
> feature without causing any
> electrical problems. I tried disconnecting
> the wires to the belt and seat with no luck.
> I then tried to jumper the wires together
> with no luck. I then put a meter on them and
> found 12V going to the seat and belt! If I
> ground on of the wires, I see a nice spark
> and hear the relay in my engine compartment
> click. This fixes the problem, but could
> potentialy drain my battery. I have no idea
> what the other wire is for. If anyone has
> any ideas of how to bypass the system
> altogether or however, I would appreciate
> it.

> Thanks,

> Jason

Don't blame Nissan. Blame the NHTSA. They were the ones who mandated the seatbelt interlocks. I don't have a 260 so I can't really guess how to defeat this safety feature. You may want to measure the current flowing through the system when you ground the wire.
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