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Stubborn front control arm bushings

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I have my front suspension disassembled in preparation of installing all new polyurethane bushings. I have attempted to press out the lower control arm bushings with a hydraulic press (up to about 15 tons) and they won't budge. It is difficult to get the arm to lay flat. I have turned down a piece of thick-walled tubing (same OD as bushing) to press the bushing out. I am thinking about heating the arm up with a torch and then try to push the bushing out. Obviously, this is the first time these stock bushings have ever been touched since they were installed in the factory.

Any pointers would be appreciated. -Rod
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blue has a tech page for this....VERY HELPFUL...what you have to do is take a torch and burn out the runner betweenthe 2 sleeves...then take a hack saw and cut through the pressed in sleeve....stop once you get through...might cut in 2 spots to make it a little easier..then just use a screw driver or something and pry it out.
I did this about two years ago by cutting and gouging out the rubber and then carefully cutting three or four notches in the outer sleeve with a hacksaw. Worked fine.
Hacksaw slowly and evenly as to not cut into the control arm;)


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Thanks for the quick responses, guys! -Rod
use a press if avialable ... out in 2 minutes
can't you burn them?
on one car, i put the arm in a vice, heated it up, set a 1" socket on the sleeve and nailed it with a sledge. came out fine. on another car i burned out the rubber and hacked the sleeve in 2 places then wedged a screwdriver in there.

both methods work.
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