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struts for 280zx

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I am about to replace the rear struts of my 280zx. I am looking for a ride that is not too stiff or too soft. Should I get Tockico or KYB struts?
Also, do I need to get the strut boots as well and should I replace the bushings at this point or can I replace them later?

Please let me know your thoughts.

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The rear shocks on the 280zx are obscenely easy to replace. I recently replaced mine with a set of KYB gas-adjusts. They came with all the boots and bushings needed. My car has custom coilovers front and rear so I can't really testify as to stiffness compared to stock. I was looking for a quality performance shock, and I couldn't afford Tokicos. I can tell you that Gabriels are very soft, wear out quickly, borderline pathetic.
Who made the coilovers for your ZX?

How much were they?

BTW 500 times easier then the front if you can't get small spring clamps!
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