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Spider web Wiring

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So I’m a new member to this forum and I just got a 1978 280z not too long ago and the wiring is absolute trash, all diy, fuses everywhere, random wires not even attached to anything, you can imagine. I don’t even know if everything is working properly because I can’t figure it out. I wanted to re-do it all myself and buy a wiring harness online. Only thing is I also wanted to shave the engine bay the most as possible so I wasn’t sure on buying a universal kit. I saw a few people on here got the ez wiring kit as it’s cheap and easy but again wasn’t sure as I saw it’s a universal kit. Would there be either a 280z kit or a universal kit that fits well for relatively cheap? (Under ~$400 preferably)
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Perhaps someone has a kit, or knows a vendor that has one. Personally, I'd work with the factory service manual and restore the wiring harness to stock. Usually that is possible, and less work than running a new harness.
Ain't it true. With almost any used car, I figure the first thing to do is remove any electronic gear installed by the previous owner and return the wiring harness to stock so you know what you are dealing with. The butchery can be impressive.
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