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Speedo leaking

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I have a 83 non-turbo 5 speed. There is gear oil coming out of the digtal dash. My question is: Where is the seal?

Is it:
a). On the transmission speedo output drive?
b). In the lower cable?
c). In the upper cable?
d) In the head itself?

Thanks folks...
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Also, check that the transmission vent tube is not plugged. As the oil in the tranny heats up it expands and creates pressure. If the vent tube is plugged the pressure can push the oil up the Speedo cable.

You should also check that you do not have too much oil in your tranny.

It would be a good idea to disconnect both ends of the Speedo cable and flush the excess oil out with break parts cleaner. Sooner or later the excess oil will gum up the cable.

Wayne Monteath
Masham, Quebec.
Thanks, Wayne.

Where is the vent tube located, on top? Can I get to it easily?

Are there any plastic/nylon parts that may be damaged by the brake fluid? (thought about using rubbing alcohol)

Would it be a good idea to re-lube it with something? Like grapite, maybe?

Thanks again.

The vent is located on the right side of the tail-shaft housing, at the top, and about 8 inches in front of the gear shift.

It looks sort of like a mushroom, about 1/2 inch in diameter and about 1/2 inch tall.

Flush the cable out with break parts cleaner DO NOT use break fluid.

Wayne Monteath
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