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Specs please

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Although I can find tons of specs on the 300ZX, I cannot seem to find any accurate specs on the 280Z and 280ZX. I mostly want to know what their curb weight is and how much horsepower their motors generate.
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you and everyone here bub.
um.....I have no idea what this has to do with what I asked? Mostly what I want is the curb weight and horsepower ratings of an 82 280ZX.

Perhaps I can be more helpful.

Check here:


wait a minute! the 280ZX has less power than the 280Z???
Prohibition and the start of emissions legislation. Dark spots on the history of our country.

Not that I object to emissions laws per se, but when they were first coming in they sure made for some crummy cars.

Pretty much every automaker lowered compression to ridiculous levels, and the bead-based catalytic converters they were using... ugh!
there is no way the it can have 135HP huh? people tell me that their 280zxs are really fast. can i remove some of the emmissions crap to get some power back? I was really expecting this Z to have a minimum of 160HP.
hey my Z is from what i know is bone stock (77..well half 77 half 78), and weighs 1720lbs.. with a full tank of gas!
those specs are not accurate at all. try <http://zhome.com/History/zcarperf.html>

these cars a so old we can't expect there to be an end all list of stats
Yea those numbers look bogus to me as well. 150HP for a stock 240z? In someones dreams..
Up untill 75 all those power ratings are gross hp. Post-75 they are net hp.

check out the bottom of the page behind this link.

Oh yea, and where did you weigh your car, La280quadz? On the moon? Our vertical leap is beyond all measurement. It is beyond your comprehension.
No way does your "stock" car weigh 1700 pounds, not even an all-out fully prepped track car would be that light... probably. Try 2600lbs.
haha, 182bhp, that's more like it.
uhhhh.. theres a thing called the local dump, and they didnt charge me... ha!
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