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Spark plugs?

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Ok, I've been doing my own ato work for nearly a decade and I am still a little lost when it comes to what makes for the better spark plug in a "Z".

I mean if a plug is gapped corretly and has the correct raitng for the engine one would expect similar performance regardsless of the brand. I know the that there are multiple electrode uber plugs with iridum doodads and expensive sounding names but are they really woth the added expence?

Are there any hard evidence that any of these hyper-ultra-super-uber-plugs have any measureable effect on horse power. Or at least enough to justify their added expense?

Ye I have hit the archives and the kind of information I am seeking here is a bit on the subjective side, drawing as much from personal expeience as hard dyno sheets and mathematical numbers.


BTW: Still looking for my next Z in orlando, keep your eye's peeled.
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"Get that Denso plug with the 5/8 plug wrench size, it's the BOMB!" NK..
You know, Dennis.... I was putting platinum plugs in my cars... figuring I could skip a change, sort of like putting a better oil in the car and thinking I could go 6000 miles instead of 3000 miles. You know, I think if one regularly maintaines their car--regardless of the car--- and maintains it correctly, it wont make alot of difference. (I cant imagine any automotive company recommending Quaker State oil... thats what I refer when I say maintains correctly) I cant see putting plats in my Z... even if they are supposedly a better/longer lasting plug. I use what is recommended: NGK

Just a thought...
PS. Though Ive heard them.....I love those Bush quotes, Almost like living Quayle all over again!!! :eek:)
..for those who have looked at one of those pin-head plugs (Bosch plats)
I wouldn't recommend them if you're constantly tinkering with the lean/rich
mixture....my experience with them is an improved idle only (at least with the +4's), however I think the pin head can foul over faster, if you have mixture problems, than a regular plug gapped correctly.
The plugs that were in this Z when I got it were exactly that, Bosch. So many seem to have a lean/rich problem too. Zel's idle changes faster than Idaho weather! But I am confident in running the recommended NGKs.

Wouldnt you think that for the stock Z, the NKGs are more than adequate?
Stick with the NGK's.

I change mine yearly, and I've never had problems.

I've tried them all, including Split fire tripple platnum, Bosch platnum. I don't think it's worth the extra cash!
Any difference in a low compression stock Z engine is minimal. Buy cheap.
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