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spark plugs, etc..

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is there a certain type of spark plugs, air filter, and oil filter i need to get? if so then what are they?
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ngK ZFR5F-11 Plugs
NGK NE-61 wires
NONE Fram filter
K&N or AMSOIL air filter

New PCV valve
how many plugs/wires are in the z engine? should be 6 right?

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one oil filter, air filter and PCV valve....hehe

might be one ofthe rare 4 cylinder models.. better open the hood and check LOL

Where did you get the air filters for your SU's? How much were they?


those are K&N filters. they were on the car when we bought it so i dont know how much they were.

they are not the way to go, the stock airbox and air cleaner setup is superior to flow and filtering compared to K&N filter setup.

as soon as we go to triple Mikunis or FI they will go.
Thanks for the quick reply.

Yeah, the SU's really need (the correct) air horns to work right. I thought those filters might have an air horn in them already.

I just got my ZTherapy rebuild kit. Hopefully I can get them rebuilt without having to spend $650 bucks.


Nice ride BTW!!
Either that or you might count the coil to the dizzy as being another "wire". So would that not make 7? If you are going to change 6, you might as well change the 7th.
unfortunalty the previous owner tossed the air horns with the original air box and there are non with my K&N setup.
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