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Z - people,
I really need help,
I have a serious ignition problem. As I have stated many of times - I’m restoring my 260z. I'm still in the preliminary stage, but I'm trying to get a spark. Right now when my ignition key is in the ON position and the signal switch is engaged my spark plug sparks at the same interval as the signal. When I turn the engine over I don't get a spark. I’ve checked my wires, grounds, coil, distributor, rotor etc.
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Wire harness surgery time!

FUN ! (NOT !)

Check the harness and connectors on the steering column to the blinker and to the ignition.

It may be possible that each bundle has an identical connector and that they've been plugged in wrong. I've run into this in other locations (upon removal of central console - surrounding shift lever).

Got a FSM? RUN, DON"T WALK to your nearest local Kinko's or copy/print shop. Copy the wire harness with copier set to enlarge to fill 11x17 page, or even larger if possible. Make several copies of each of the two pages. Use sharp colored pencils to follow traces without getting lost.

Good luck!
I'll be pullin for ya!
-------- Al
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Re: BINGO!!!!

At 11:30 PM EST last night I was able to figure it out. It was the wire connectors coming off the distributor - I had swiched them when I ran an entire new wire harness. It took me all most an eintire month to figure this one out.
Thanks for everyones input.
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