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South Texas anyone?

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Are their any Zs in the south Texas Corpus Christi area (San Antonio is more central than south)? I am just wondering if I am the only one down here. thank you
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there are zcar clubs in san antonio, houston, and austin.
Well that's good, but Corpus is a 2 hour drive south of San Antonio and I was kinda looking for something a little closer than that. Thanx for the info though
there isnt much down there in Corpus... i live in Killeen Texas, about an hour south of Waco. the closest place here for a club is San Antonio, as for cars there are a few around here.
I live in san antonio, theres a club here, they used to meet at chesters 2nd? friday of the month
I got you beat; I'm in Port Isabel, stuck between Harlingen and Brownsville. No Z clubs, but I see a few 280ZXs and Z31s. I *think* I'm the only one here with a 240Z. Wish there was a club.
we have a member from Harlingen in the San Antonio club. He has a 240Z.

There has been a few post from people in Corpus. I live in San Antonio now but Corpus is my real home. I'm a member of the SA Club which meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at Chesters on Loop 410.

SlateFOx, the Austin Z club is closer to you... FYI

Like Trey is talking about we have one member that make the meetings from Del Rio all the time.

BTW CC is more East South/East of San Antonio. Takes me 2:15 minutes to drive from Ocean Dr and Alameda to I-35 and Loop 410 which is about 6 miles from Chesters...
*sigh* I live in between amarillo and lubbock, any neer there?Cyind wrote:
I see other Z's driving around Corpus, but when I see them they are going much too fast for me to catch (usually the other way at a red light). Go figure.
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