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Had high hopes for breaking into the 11s last night but ran into some problems that left me just short but still confident that low-mid 11s is possible with the stock turbo.

Last time I ran, I was not able to launch the car hard and had a slow but expected 2.19 60' with a 12.41 ET but 114.71 mph with a street chip. I installed a urethane motor mount and a transbrake to get the car launching hard, but it was not to be last night. My front brake would not hold the car for a burnout so I was not able to heat the tires up. Then when I tried to use the trans brake, the boost was very slow in coming up and I could only manage 5-6psi boost for the launch. The 60' was not what I wanted but decent, but then the turbo would not pull more than 17psi and the top-end suffered. Since the last run, I installed a new, bigger internal wastegate and I suspect the puck is not properly aligned with the exhaust housing causing low boost to bleed off and limiting the upper boost.

Despite all of the problems, here are the results. The encouraging part is that I know the car can be launched a lot harder at 8-10psi for a better 60' and I am still only running the street chip with about 97-octane.

60' ............ 1.73 (.46 improvement)
1/8 ET ....... 7.69 (.49 improvement)
1/8 MPH .. 91.26 (.67mph slower. This is where the car starts losing it)
1/4 ET ..... 12.05 (.36 quicker, but lost the advantage provided by the 60')
1/4 MPH .112.81 (1.9mph slower)

With the problems corrected, the car should dip into the 11s and I expect more when I go to the race chip, race gas and about 22psi boost. All in all, a somewhat disappointing night but I guess when you run 12.0 and dont break anything, you did OK, hehe.

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