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> Here's my question.
> I have an aftermarket turbo on my z. The
> turbo has four connecters on it. One cools
> it with water and another drains it out. The
> other has a feeder for oil and another one
> drains that one out. I took the engine out
> to rebuild it and completely disconnected
> the turbo from the exhaust manifold. I was
> checking to see if the water and oil feeders
> were clear when I noticed something. When I
> blocked off one of the water openings and
> blew threw it I couldn't get air threw it.
> That's fine. But when I block off one of the
> oil openings and blow threw it I could here
> some air coming threw the front and back of
> the turbine. I had to put alot of force
> behind it but air still got threw. Even when
> an oil opening isn't blocked it takes alot
> of force to blow air threw it. Is it
> supposed to be like this?
> I was thinking that it may be to completey
> cover the turbine but if thats the
> case...wouldn't the car burn oil? Please
> someone help...Thanks alot.

Too me this is the seals within the turbo. The water jacket within the housing does not truly go into the center of the turbo, it goes around the outside to help maintain a decent temperature of the unit. Most non-water cooled units will turn cherry red when run long and hard.

As for the air you are hearing. The oil lines run to the center and lubricate the turbine cartridge. If you are hearing air you will need to either replace the seals yourself or have a turbo shop do it for you. I recommend you taking it to a turbo shop and have them do a thorough rebuild including cleaning the impellers.

You should be using oil. I was not sure if what you meant by stating that it it should be burning it. Yes it will go out the pipe, but when the seals go bad you are not exactly sure which end. The oil could be seeping through the intake side and going back to the intake and being burnt that way. It could be going out the exhaust side of the turbo and going out the exhaust. You may or may not see smoke depending on how bad the seals are. As hot as the turbo gets it could burn it to a point of no visible smoke. Which ever way the oil is going I would suggest taking it to a turbo shop and talking to them about the symptoms you are noticing and let them make the call. A seal kit it usually under $300 and if the cartridge is still in good shape than it would only be labor. If the cartrdge is bad that is usually another $300+. I would look into having a complete rebuild which is usually under $500 or just replacing the unit. Good luck and see what the others in here have to say.
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