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snowflake silver and gold paint

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Snowflakes were painted gold in the center...I have evidence they were also painted silver...unlike the 6 spoke where it was just raw aluminum.

Does anyone know what flavor (color code) was used for the gold and silver? I have 2 new gold and 2 new silver...they really sparkle.
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Depends on what car they came on, the darker cars had the gold and the lighter had the silver from what I have seen.
I can check the computer in the paint room, but chances are low. It didnt have the nissan blue, like on the air cleaner, or engine block color listed. I used delfleets sparkle which is slightly lighter than what was stock. If you have a wheel with paint still on it, your local paint store can match it. I have some with silver on it, no gold ones. I saw plenty of 6 spoke with black insert painted, and a gold insert set, but not sure it was from the dealership. Try to buy paint from nissan yet?
My snowflakes were gold all 5 of them.
The 6 spoke were not painted...any black inserts were done by the owners. Black cars had the rough parts painted gold. I assumed the snowflakes were virgin as well until I got these new ones. They were painted silver which I guess added to the sparkle. Probably made it easier to get clean.
I used this on a set of Enkeis I restored and it was an absolutely correct, stunning, gorgeous, awesome couldn't stop staring color. Highly recommended!! http://www.tougetuning.com/store/grimmspeed-gold-wheel-paint-p-409.html
Clear required over top.


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no luck on the gold, unless its golden mist poly. The silver for the wheels came up, its code is-35573. Maybe it will help track down the gold
How close is PPG DBU4330#V1 (OEM:WA9566) to that color silver. I have a pint of it never used...Bright Silver Metallic
we have a case of paint chips but they use a different number system. If I get time i will try to cross reference it.
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