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smoking question

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i put in a new air filter today. after starting the car up i am getting whitish smoke from the pipe. its cool out but i do not think that is it. could it be running rich now? o do not think its the head gasket. the engine sounds good.
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running rich would be black smoke

white would be water and a

bluish white would be oil
interesting. this is the first time i have seen it. its been raining all day but the car is in the garage.
its prbably just condensation in the exaust pipe

dose it cleare up after a while or dose it keep doing it?
i ran it for about 5 minutes and revved for about 15 seconds. still there not as bad. i cleaned off the oil residue on the top of he valve cover and injectors with carb cleaner before that.
is it like a giant plume of smoke or a little puff

if its a little puff i wouldent be too woried
puffs - at first pretty large. i have had a card with a blown head gasket and it is nothing like that. i ran it for ten minutes and revved it real good. it went away. i can breath a little easier. the engine sounds real good. thx for holding my hand! heheheh
Is it an Oiled air filter such as a K&N? Would possibly make sense since it started when you installed the airfilter.
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