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Slightly upset...

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I got my cam via UPS the other day...

I bought it from a guy on Ebay for a good price. It has less than 3000 miles on it and was broken in properly.

Now, what got my goat was that I paid $20.00 for shipping, and it was shipped in it's original box (oil soaked - it's pretty flimsy), and wrapped in bubble wrap that had ALREADY BEEN POPPED.

Cosmetically, it looks fine. No nicks or scratches, dings, or places where it has been smacked around.

My question is how likely is it that this cam could have been knocked off balance (bent) during shipping if it doesn't look at all like it's been banged around? It was made by JG Engine Dynamics.
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Bubble wrap? Say, who sold that cam?
hehe bubble wrap...........
Some guy named Myredcuda. He had a couple more parts for various makes and models, mostly american cars. Why do you ask?
Just curious, I was looking at som cams but did not bid. Thanks!
What the **** are you talking about BG? If you think this is some sort of joke geared towards your name and your cam problems, you're mistaken. I'm sorry you took it that way if so... but there is no joke at all here, I'm seriously pissed that somebody charged me $20 extra to ship a performance cam in wet cardboard and plastic.

No offense BG.

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Hybrid... probably the same one you were looking at. It had .280 duration intake/exhaust with .480" lift. The main reason I got it was because it was already broken in and would work great with my current buildup plans.

Should I take it somewhere and have it checked out or would it be ok to install for a mock up to see how freely it turns without springs?
oh man bubble wrap i'm still laughing over that..........lol
be happy that it was oily, not rusty
I ususally take it to a shop to check it out befor installing. I don't have micomiters at home to spin em and check for straightness. I usually pad the truck anytime I move cranks or shafts cause it's to darn important to move em where they can bang around.

Thanks, I'll watch out for that one from now on.
I've got a mic set, and many other machine tools. How would you check it with micrometers?
Put the linear micrometer at a each bearing location and spin the cam in a fixture. Any out-of-round will show up on the digital display. That's why I just take em in and let a shop do it since I usually have em installit afterwards too...

You don't check it with micrometers. They only check the size of something.

The complex way is to support the cam in V blocks on the end journals and check for runout on the center journal. The simple way is slide it into the cam towers bolted to a head and see if it turns easily. I highly doubt it's "bent".
I don't think it's bent, but I wanted to be sure. If turning it in the towers will be sufficient, I'll give it a try. Thanks Steve, and you too Hybrid.
I hope the cam came with the rockers that it was broken in with. And that the rockers are label so you can put them back in order. If not, the cam is not really broken in to a set of rockers and you will need to install a new or resufaced set of rockers.
The bubblewrap was already popped, give me a break, thats the best part.

Nothing worse then used bubblewrap, I tell ya.

ohhh rebel, i was not yelling at you, only at hybrid for his first comment.
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