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slightly off topic MG question

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hey i know this is off topic but all of the MG forums are kinda dead... my '70 mgb is blowing steam out of the valve cover and there is water in the oil .. no steam from the tail pipe... but i dont see any cracks in the head or in the deck of the block i cant tell if the head is warped, i have not taken it to the machine shop yet .. but the head and block are cast iron.. but the head gasket does not look blown, is there any thing else that would cause this? i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is a head gasket...
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....duh ....elves, ...pam anderson sneaking over an pouring water into the valve cover late at night... could be a bunch of things like that.... but its more probable that its a head problem....(unless there are a lot of elves close to where you live)... or the elves are out trying to catch pam anderson pouring water into the valve covers of old mgs .......s

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cracked head, bad headgasket or cracked block.........
whatever it is, you are gonna have to take the head off regardless. My guess is blown head gasket.
my 75 blew a head gasket when it was new - right after the exhaust fell off while driving down the interstate. while broken, couldn't sell it. when running didn't want to sell it. learned to work on cars because i was driving british.
Water in oil, steam from valve cover -- There's a problem, alright. Gonna be one of the three mentioned: head gasket (if you're lucky), cracked or warped head (if your lucky the head is merely warped), or cracked block.

Only way to tell is have it thoroughly checked. I'd pull the head and have it checked for warpage. If not, have it thoroughly inspected. If good, put a new head gasket on there and pray.

Good luck.
Pressurize the cooling system then start looking for coolant such as in the cylinders. If you find it in one cylinders you've narrowed the scope of the search and will tell you where to zero in during a teardown and inspection.
the head was pulled .. i cant see a crack but that does not mean it is not there
If I remember right the "B" had head problems. It might be cracked under the valve. Look there if you haven't yet. Bring it to the machine shop. I have a Midget, great car!
I luvs this forum. No matter what my troubles are or how stupid I am, there's always some poor schmuck worse off than me. LOL...

British crap...what were you thinking...HA HA...
umm i have had about 20 assorted zcars and drive one every day.. i decided try something new...
Ah yes the little british cars... Do you have a little tuna can under the engine to catch the oil that drips out? That was a running joke for my father that tried to fix my brother in laws MG. GOOD LUCK!!
cast iron head and block = not likely to crack or warp.

although i DID just take a MGB head to a machine shop and found 4 big cracks after magnafluxing it.

just take it to the machine shop and get it magnafluxed and checked out. should'nt be more than $40 or so.
Check your radiator fluid. If there is oil in there it's certainly one of the three mentioned.

Lack of oil in the coolant doesn't mean it isn't one of the three mentioned. But if there's oil in there....
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