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Simulating the anodized surface on the pulley?

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I am continuing the Z motor clean up. The anodization on the pulley was pretty much gone, due to the fact that this car spent the last number of years under a tarp next to the San Francisco bay. I took some steel wool to it, but I would like to get the original anodized look, without spending a ton of $. Anyone have a method to simulate the look?
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The Casswell (sp) system from Eastwood is what several on Classic use for the zinc and yellow cad plating.

Bonzi Lon
Thanks for the replies. It would probably be two bills to get everything I need. Perhaps I'll just paint it a satin black :(
Look at my signature and take a look at the engine compartment. Every gold piece has been redone except the hood latch which was in perfect condition. Just so you have something to compare.

I used gold paint...once dry dusted on clear lacquer or clear enamel. If you put it on heavy, it eats up the gold. If you don't put it on, the gold smudges. It is so close it isn't funny (that expression makes no sense if you think about it.) Cost is about $10. The drawback is if you ever try to clean it with carb cleaner, it will come off. However, purple power cleaner works fine.
good god just paint it. its not on an all factory restored z. If you want the cadmium plating which is affordable look in the yellow pages. Get anything else plated too at the same time, fuel raij, etc
The shop in my town charges by the tub. If it fits in the tub, put as much as you like. Why go for something you can wipe off with a towel and laquor thinner, over the cadmium plating? Or a fluid spill, brake fluid, gas. Try and wipe it off real quick then, awww man! That doesnt look natural...Glaring at you when you lift the hood. Thats where the cad comes in. Nissan answered that question for us. Quality-cad, quick cheap-paint
Sources for cad plating here in my CA town are out of sight. ZenonXIII you are the man. I have my shopping list and will give that a shot. Hopefully the guy at the counter won't think I'm a tagger :D
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