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Should I?

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I found this on Craig's list. I have gotten to a pretty good point on mine and cannot really do anything major till this summer to mine.

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i'd say go for it
I dunno, it always bothers me when people have to give excuses for why they are selling things. Who cares why you are selling it? just sell it! Anyway, where did those wheels come from? And why does he have extra parts? Then there is a car hauler parked next to it.........looks suspicious.
Maybe they had it for awhile, been sitting for along time, car hauler is to move probably more then one car around that the owner owns. My cousin has one he uses for his race car, his project car and sometimes customer cars and hes got a bunch in his backyard he fixes up and sells.

Suspicion is a good thought but thats why you ask questions. He also said he is selling it because of his "frame". Also allot of criagslist cars have extra parts, I got a shag rug a birthday card and a nearly dead crappy pioneer radio. To top it all off Mine was $100 less then his and mines a 83 N/A coupe in slightly better condition minus dents, rust hole in the spare and allot of missing parts.

Some people just want to get rid of something because it just needs too much work. Also car thieves that steal much more harder to find cars like our older ZX's and Zs part them out 100% and sell them off. Better money then what this guy wants for it. Ask one of the older members here who got theirs stolen and it got found parted out.

Easy to sell a stolen dodge neon or ford econoline on the spot. They are cars not many people like or want. Something less common like a 75 Celica or a 70 Dodge Charger Daytona gets stolen, unless you live near the Canadian Border.
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Isn't that whale tail a considered a somewhat rare item?

Bonzi Lon
Its a whale tail spoiler, does not look like an original though. For a 2+2 sure get it if you can afford it.
I have been emailing the guy and he says that he is an avid hunter and pics up projects quite a bit. He bought the car so that he did not have to drive his F150 downtown to work everyday, however he is 6'5" and it is too uncomfortable for him to ride in it. he says that he runs and drives good in town, but he has not driven on the highway yet. All the power windows and electronics work on it. He said that the man he bought it from gave him a lot of extra parts that where in the boote and back seat. Is there anything else that I should ask?
When can I pick it up?
The guy sold it to another guy while I was getting more info on it. HOWEVER, I have came across it again and I should be getting it saturday!
I got the 280ZX yesterday...its far from perfect but it is a 1980 model and the four seat version with power everything...drove it ALOT yesterday but while driving down main last night i hit a bump that caused the battery to rise and short out on the hood frying wires...gunna replace them today or tomorrow.


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ow dude.. that sucks
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