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short shifter will it work on my set up

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ok i have a stock 75 280 4spd shifter i am using on my 79zx 5spd works perfectly fine therefor the msa short shifter for the 75 modle should work fine as well correct?
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i just took a cut off wheel and cut 3" of our 79 zx shifter arm and it instantly became a short throw shifter. took all of 5 minutes. then just slid an aftermarket knob on and tightened down with the allen screws.

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That is not a short throw shifter, it just looks like one. if youve ever driven a car with one you could tell....
i have driven many a car with short throw shifters and the throw itself is the same distance as me cutting my arm 3" shorter. it made a huge difference in my throw distance between gears.

short throw being the shifter arm itself is shorter for a less % motion between throws. what would the other difference be besides the shifter arm itself being shorter??
Actually the pivot point where the shifter is mounted is changed so that it takes less movement of the shifter to engage the gears. That is a short throw shifter. What you have is a short shifter with a standard or long throw.

Yeah, but either way you achieve the same thing. If you are picky about the height of your shifter arm (topside) then say so, but other then that, a shorter throw is just that...
I have a shortened (cut and re-treaded) shifter on my '82 5-speed.
I was skeptical about how it may feel, but I was not disappointed at all.
Once I got used to it, it felt better than the 350Z 6-speed shifter. It was more direct and sharper (not dampened and silky).

Try what I did before you spend the money to buy the expensive short shifter kit from MSA.
It may save you a lot of money . . . money that can be spent for another upgrade.
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