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With my new transmission shortly on the way thanks to Luminar, It's time I buy the needed parts to complete my swap.

Here is a list of the things in which we think I will need:

-Shifter bushings
-Strike rod
-bolt for the bottom of the shift linkage
-the two springs and a new pivot ball
-The one half moon dust shield that goes between the transmission and engine block on the bottom
-Clutch line
-Transmission bolts
- Flywheel bolts x8
-Master and slave cylinders

Shifter bushings from concept Z:

The pivot ball I can get from zspeed:

The Clutch line from Zspeed performance. Thanks to Speedracer:

Both springs from Zspeed:

Transmission bolts from Concept Z:

Striking rod from concept Z:

Flywheel bolts from concept Z:

Clutch and Flywheel combo on eBay:

Master and Slave clutch from autozone:

The bolt for the bottom of the shift linkage I can't find, and I cannot find the bottom dust shield half moon part either, maybe someone can help me out on where to find them?

And if anyone has any suggestions on where to get parts cheaper, or has a general comment please let me know before I make my purchase. I'll wait until tomorrow to order everything, so I have time for some feedback.
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Why dont you buy an ACT or XTD clutch? Ask specialty Z they have the hook up!
Ive got flywheel bolts, and probaly the bolt for the linkage to shifter, I should have trans bolts and the half moon shield as well. As for the ebay clutch fly, I cant emphasize via text how shitty the clutchs are.
Or get an oem replacement clutch from an online parts store/parts store locally
An OE replacement at NAPA goes for 300? Comercial price I think.
I can get them locally for under $200
The whole point of the eBay combo was that the clutch came with a flywheel at a decent price with an alignment tool and everything. I now need a new flywheel, as the one on the transmission that was pulled was toast.

Is it possible to get a decent clutch and flywheel for under $400?

And Kandy, you have a PM incoming.
Why dont you just re surface your flywheel??
Lum said it was cracked if I remember correctly.
ALL clutch kits come with alignment tools, throwout bearing and pilot bushing.
I was looking at an OEM kit from concept Z and no alignment tool was mentioned.

Here it is:

Description: This is a direct replacement for your stock clutch. Kit includes: Disc, Pressure Plate, and Throw Out Bearing.

Pardon the interruption but I have to ask about the shift stick. Past threads on here have talked about how difficult it is getting the shift knob off. Is the shift stick shown the stock design, i.e. not threaded? Which would mean you have to "jack" the old knob off?.
Kyle -
Based on my experience the ebay clutch kits are no good. The flywheel though isn't bad. I purchased a similar kit to the one you are looking at and the clutch lasted ~12K. This was largely due to an improper surface on the flywheel. I am sure the kit would have lasted longer if the flywheel which came with the kit was properly surfaced.

In the event, for cost reasons, you do go with that kit I would recommend getting the flywheel surfaced before installing. I am sure the clutch will last much longer if you do.

Also, why do you need a new striking rod? and don't forget the driveshaft (didn't see one mentioned).
just my .02
KyleKidd said:
I was looking at an OEM kit from concept Z and no alignment tool was mentioned.

Here it is:

Description: This is a direct replacement for your stock clutch. Kit includes: Disc, Pressure Plate, and Throw Out Bearing.

Ive got alignment tools here worse case
Thanks for the heads up alpha, I will definitely take that into consideration.

I forget whats up with the striking rod, Lum said it was no good.

And as for the drive-shaft, I thought I am able to just buy some kind of washer or nut and it will work with the manual?

And Kandy, did you get my PM?
The part of the striking rod where it connects to the shifter is gummed up. At some point that rubber piece failed and it dragged on the driveshaft for a long period of time. It is also bent all to **** on the bolt tabs. Looks like some dipshit wore out the bushings and decided to just tighten the bolt more. With how relatively inexpensive the part is, and it requiring transmission removal to replace now seems like a good time to just replace it for piece of mind. Could you get away with just bending it back out? Yeah probably, but if it were me putting it in my car, I'd replace it.

Kyle, you will need shifter bushings. OEM will do fine, but I personally have bronze ones and like them a lot.

Here is the link to the piece I'm referring to with the plate between trans and engine.

here is the big picture, look for part 11251N. 11251 is in the tote with your transmission.
From what I've been reading, Exedy is a good after market clutch company to go with.

I found an Exedy clutch and Prolite flywheel combo for about $350. Its for a Turbo though. Will that work with a non-turbo engine and transmission?


Otherwise I have to spend close to $500 for a Exedy clutch and Fidanza flywheel.
Well from the research I've done so far, they are not interchangeable because of a difference in diameter of the flywheel, and the TT clutch requires more hydraulic pressure than the N/a system can handle.
You can use the TT clutch as long as you get the TT flywheel also, If its a NA trans youll have to grind down a small bit on the inside of the bellhousing. The NA system will be fine.
Ok, transmission is on the way thanks to lum
Kandy is sending me the half moon shield along with the shift linkage bolt, flywheel bolts and transmission bolts.

So that leaves the:
Master and slave cylinder
SS clutch line
pivot ball
2 springs
strike rod
and shifter bushings

Can anyone think of anything else I will need?
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