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shocks and struts?

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Hello all im going to replace my shocks and struts with kybs and s.t springs any help, that would make this an easier project from he search i got this so far,
when replacing add some oil ( some difference from different oints of views),
i have all the tools to do the job, but is it that hard to do or any tricks or way of doing it that can make it a breaze from what i can tell these are the origanals and my z is a 72.
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its really not hard...matter of undoing a few bolts and taking your time...make sure you spray all bolts and everything with wd40 or something since they havent been touched in a long time...
i did my shocks first time ona zx and took me bout 45 min for one and like 20-30 min for rest. i think it was easiest thing i have done on it yet.
be carefull with the springs.. they could take your head off if you don't secure them properly.. 2 ways to do this...
A: go rent a spring compressor from a local auto store that rents them.. easiest way.
B: you can get the springs out without a spring compressor.. all you gotta do is take the retainer nuts off and the mounting nuts out before you lift the car.. then as you lift teh car the weight is taken off the spring.. it's like useing the car's weight as a spring compressor... make sense?
Plan B !

Rex is right, it works well. I've done it this way a dozen or so times.

Remove the center nut securing the strut piston, keeping your hand over the ratchet. This is similar to a medium hammer blow then, just be careful when raising the car because the struts will come down out of the mount insulators, which should then be unbolted from the chassis.

The new ST springs will probibly be slack in the perches until you lower the car so you won't need spring compressors reassemble either.
Coyote gave great advice a while ago. The rear struts can tip out when the top is removed. You don't have to remove anything thing at the control arm (maybe jusat ebrake and possibly brake like. Do a quick search.
To do what blue's suggesting (it's a good suggestion), you need to disconnect the brake line, ebrake line, half shaft, and end link. I think that's all though.
Alright !! i think i should be cool i but be some spring compresors about a month ago. time to dust them of. thanks
I have not had KYBs on my Z but have used them on other applications with poor results. They work great for a year and thats it, I seem to recall other posters here having similar results on their Zs. I installed standard Tokicos several years ago and they still work great. You may want to cruise the archives here for a second opinion if you haven't made the purchase yet. For all the effort to do the install a few more bucks up front will pay off in the long run. And if your doing springs too that makes it more important 'cause a stiffer spring will waste your shocks even quicker.
Hmm!! i think im screwed then i paid like 50 bucks, from a friend. for everything too
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