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Shaved or Not, Whats the Market?

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I have a number of p90 heads that are getting ported and documented with actuall statistics for flow numbers on each port, then these heads will get sold. I will probably do n42's also, just for those guys that want the n42. I was wondering weather to surface grind .08" off of them and then sell them, or weather to leave them 4.252" thick. I have had guys offer 1200 to port their head, and some of these bare bone p90 heads on ebay are going for 600 or more. What do you guys think the market is?
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Maybe you should offer both, people building a turbo stroker motor might not want higher compression...just a thought.

I wouldn't shave them. Let the people buying them decide how much needs to be shaved to meet their needs.
I'd either sell them stock thickness or as an extra cost option offer them shaved to their specs.
You know what the market s if you are watching eBay. I would not pay $600 for one or $1,200 to smoth the ports. I gave $50 for one this summer and a lot can be found for $100.

Suggest you try selling on eBay if people are willing to spend that much over there!

This is not just a polish, this is a full port, and flow bench tested. These heads that I have done for other l28 have out flowed any that I have seen the numbers for, even the ones in the " How to Modify" Book.
Like I said, put 'em on eBay and see.
Market is probably very small for a highy modifed head from an unknown source with no warranty or dyno data.
Well I do warranty them, and pressure check them, valve job surface grind, straighten them also. But I see where you are coming from. I could always dyno my cars that have the same head on them.
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