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> I was figuring CR last night and thought
> about the shaved head. What is the actual CC
> for the shaved head? It is NOT what you
> shaved off times the area of the bore,
> right?! What was flat on the head is STILL
> flat, no change in say 30% of the head? I
> would like to try to make more acurate CR
> calculations. With this small issue, your CR
> may be lower than what you think it is. I
> guess I could always scan the bottom of the
> head in and measure it, but I do not have a
> shaved head to play with.
> Thanks,
> Joshua L.


I've never done this, but I read somewhere that you can use an eye dropper or syringe and fill the compression chamber to check volume. That should give you your new number needed to plug into your formula.

One of the sites, IZCC or the Datsun Z Garage, etc. has the formulas.

Hope this helps.

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