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Guys, Check out this Link,, from Zazupilot... This Could apply to Our Z31's, as well ... I called the Company, and the said, they use a Plastic, that's 3 Inch in Diameter... [email protected] <[email protected]>


Author: Zazupilot
Date: Nov 6, 7:54pm

Well - I decided to dive into the vacuum system and see if I had any boost/vacuum leaks. I bought the $17 tester from Chris at boostpro.net.

Since my crappy compressor's regulator only goes down to ~20 PSI, I followed JT240's lead and added a regulator to my leak tester. I removed the "bicycle" pump nozzle, drilled and tapped for a new connector.

Went to home depot and got a cheap regulator ($13) and some connectors


So here we go. Lets see if it works? Cue the crappy compressor...

Remove my intake and pressurize the system

NICE! It holds right where I set it.

Here I set it at about 5.5 PSI.. and that was more than enough to hear the leaks.

1st leak sounded like a frikkin wind tunnel. Coming from this region:

I found that the drivers turbo coupler was REALLY loose.. couple of turns and tightened the clamp. Hmm.. still hearing something. Took about 20 minutes before idiot-me realizes it was the oil dipstick! I guess this is why some people pop dip-sticks under high boost right? Can someone enlighten me here? Anyway... I re-seated it all was quiet on the drivers front, but a new leak popped up right under the driver side turbo pipe.

I could hear it but I couldn’t find it. It wasn’t the pipes or the boost jet hose.. It turns out a tiny vacuum line has a teeny tiny tear in it. Repaired that ASAP.. and the leak moves again.. this time.. passenger side. and It under the car.

Anyone tell me what’s wrong here?

Um.. yea. that right clamp is just hanging there - it slipped off the hose to the right. I fixed that but that didn’t kill the leak. It seems to be coming from the coupler coming off the turbo itself

So I sealed up a bunch of stuff. The car idles much smoother now that I got that drivers side vacuum hose tear. Every time I tightened a clamp the overall pressure in the system would rise and I would need to reduce the pressure with the regulator again. All in all It was a near-total success. I still have to remove my battery and see if I can get to my passenger turbo clamp better. I still hear a whistle coming from there. I could immediately tell a difference when I fired her up, because the car runs better and I have more boost. I highly recommend doing this cheap maintenance to everyone with cars as old as ours!

Anyway.. thanks for reading.

Nice. I think that everyone needs a tester like that.

Sweet deal. I have been meaning to make a tester. I have 5.5HP compressor sittign around, just need to get the parts to do it. How much was that regulator? ($13) My compressor has a regulator but it reads the lowest at about 20psi and goes up to 240psi so I'm skeptical to use that.

I've been prolonging building a boost leak tester so I'm going to order one from Chris @ www.boostpro.com.

I have this overly rich issue above 4ooo RPM's.

Nah.. I just do a lot of reading and listening to others. But yea guys.. the boostpro tester is a great platform. go get one!

This is a good tool for the NA guy too cause those vacuum leaks can hurt you too.

Safety notes to anyone using these: DO NOT push the pressure above the recommended 7psi or so. And *really secure* the device to your inlet.

Mine blew off about about 6psi since my clamps were not tight enough, and I'm glad that I still have fingers on my left hand!!!

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Glad to see that you are finally getting those **** leaks fixed. I am too, using the same idea. Works great. I don't have a compressor though, I'm using suction instead of pressure, but same diff.
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