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I wonder if any one has used what is essentially a seat condom. A Seat Cover, cover. There are several different kinds and I don't want to get screwed by purchasing something that's no better than the towel I currently use.

CSI Essentials, sells a roll of heavy gauge plastic. Several one time use tear offs I guess, probably for vehicle repair shops. $50. 00 per roll.
Auto Anything, has a Seat Defender for about $40.00. I think it's a one-size-fits-all. Cotton blend, machine washable.
Andys Autosport, has a Pet Front Seat Protector. Like my towel it just drapes over the seat with a couple snivelly tie downs. $50.00?
Duluth Trading, has the same thing, pet protector style, for $50.00. They don't have anything that's made to custom fit my '76 280z.
Z Store, has a Seat Saver that is supposed to fit a '76 zcar for $100.00.
Seat Savers, has a custom made cover (send in Year, Make, Model) and they make a one-off custom fitted protector. $150.00+.

My stock seat covers are still in good shape. New covers are very expensive, plus install, so I'm looking for a cost effective alternative that will keep the OEM stuff in good condition.

Thanks for your help.
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