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Sears ratchet wrenches

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Hey all, anyone have any personal experience with Sears or other brand ratchet wrenches? You know, the kind that look like a box end wrench but have a ratchet mechanism? Do they come in handy? Are the reversible ones worth the price over the non-reversible ones?

Thanks for your opinion.
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Wayne Monteath introduced me to them. They are superb!
Do you have the reversible or non-reversible? It looks to me that the reversible might be a little more bulky and therefore less useful.
Just flip them over to reverse.

Don't crack nuts with them.
Best thing since sliced bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have the ones with the lever, not the one-way/flip over. I like these much better since they have an offset. The flip over ones are flat, so tool access is not as good. Overall, I love them. I've used many different ratchet wrenches and they were all too bulky to be of any value. The Craftsman (and Gear Wrench) ones fit in most places and are not much bigger than a regular box end wrench.
Buy the gear wrench brand, not the actual sears craftsman brand. It takes less movement to get them to rachet compared to the craftsman brand. I but the non reverseable because I use them in tight areas and its to easy to have them bump and keep switching directions on you as you're trying to tighten or loosen something.
I use Craftsman tools and have been very pleased. Lot less than Snap-On.

Have both the straight and offset ratchets and love them.
...the absolute best ones are the gearwrench that have the head that swivels.....i've only seen them at napa and some home depots... ...s
12 pc metric gearwrench lever set. The sears set is geared for the american market cars, thus it is missing a few for our datsuns.
reversible always revers on there own for me. I'd get non-reversible the gearwrench was on sale when I got them same price as sears Sears makes good ****
Don't like the "flip flp swivel heads"

I don't like the flip flop swivel head wrenches. Seems like they won't bomb all countries at once like the "non reversable" kind. Compassionate AND kind.
I have used my grear wrench set for about a year now. It first I was afraid that they couldn't handle the tough bolts, but they have always been up to the challenge.
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