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seafoam + 83 280zx = police

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just did this seafoam stuff. freakin great . runs superb . I suggest you do it at night thouge .Poured it in all three holes let it sit for 10 min and started it up and smokin like a MF .MY stupid neighbor called 911 .Cops don't know about this stuff ,but I'm learninmon quick..
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is your neighbor hwk60?


You must live next to my neighbors sister, Mrs. Cravets....nosey old [email protected]

Shes always complaining. Next week they're painting half of the street for her webble wobble ass to have handicap parking with only one car

Cool right up on the SF. Good stuff huh?

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shoulda "STA"

Searching the archives would have turned up that EXACT suggestion!
Then again...

People could view the Seafoam User as Cheech and Chong with their motorcycle in the livingroom and the exhaust pipe pointed at the neighbor's flowerbed.

Taking proper steps to conceal using industrial chemicals in residential areas would seem prudent to me...

But that's just me...
One would normally call 911 only in an emergency.

Without even investigating the cause of smoke is stupid and wasteful.

As well he should have called the fire dept if he *saw* a fire.

But it could have simply been a failed headgasket or bad oil leak into chamber or seafoam **** even fog!

Least common denominator society strikes again :(
I hate stupid nosey neighbors like that. I've never lived next to any, but I'd have to really fukk with anyone like that.
LOL thats hilarious. I know what you mean though. I have dip sh!ts like that in my neighborhood also. Drives you to drink doesn't it? hehe. There is this couple that lives in the house next door to the one directly across the street from me and she is something else. One time she actually kept track of how many times I went in and out of my drive way. Talk about NO LIFE. She said to me one time like last summer "Boy you were sure busy the other day, I saw you go in and out of your drive way like Xnumber of times" I then said to her "Boy you sure must have a lot of time on your hands" She had no response LOL.

Yeah, Seafoam is awesome stuff. I just put a half a can into my Z's full tank of 92 octane for winter storage. It is a very good fuel stabilizer and keeps your gas nice and dry as well.

Poor guy is probably going to get a letter from his neighborhood association now!

Funny, Reminds me of when I had to help get a friends mazda rx7 started after sitting for a year with a low oil level and no compression. To get the compression to come back, you have to top the oil level off and then pour oil in the intake, so it can be sucked in and used to lubricate the seals in the rotory engine. Replaced the plugs, started it up and walla a ton of thick white smoke. A neighbor called over to my friends house and asked if the house was on fire and did she need to have the fire department come by. :eek:) Nope we were just tryin to fog out the Mosquitos. sp :eek:)

Dexter 260z
my brother ran some seafoam thru his 86 300zx and it helped it run better.. for a while, then he did his brakes one day, took it out for a test drive, and the engine started knocking. he got back to the shop, popped the hood, and we hit the TB once or twice to get the revs up (nothing extreme, just trying to hear the engine) suddenly the knock got aggravated, and he threw a rod....car went to the junkyard for this, because he's not that much of a mechanic, and our father had spent like two months trying to get a maxima junkyard engine to go into his 300ZX, same year..... we don't care too much for the VG30 to be honest. its a pain to work on, thats why all the Z cars that have stayed around have been l-series.. anyhow, it was the sort of thing to make me leery of using the stuff. is my wariness unfounded, or are there situations where its not a good idea?
he didnt throw a rod because he used seafoam in his engine

my stupid sinile old woman neighbor calle the fire department because "she saw fire in the trees" in the back of her property.

I was my fire-ring, 165 feet from the property line, surrounded by sand, sand, and uh granite outcroppings, that she saw "in her trees".

The fire department arrived, and made me put out my little camp fire. Because it was made of 2x4's we were disposing of after construction.
I was sternly informed that it was unlawful to dispose of "construction debris" by burning it. I could only build a fire on my own property for "cooking or warmth". They then ran out about 250 feet of hose and blasted the **** out of my little 2 foot diameter fire ring from their rig. I was informed I could not put it out "properly" with the garden hose at my feet.

Well, we were burining the 2x4's to get rid of them, with a side effect that it was keeping us warm, but because we stated the primary reason was disposal, it was unlawful, and I should be grateful "I was not going to be cited".

So after watching the trailer dwellers that next week torch up various pieces of furniture during drunken trailer dweller rituals...I, too went and paid my $5 for a "cooking fire permit" and went to town on the rest of the debris. The fire department came out only once again. They saw me with a fire built of 2x4's and 2x6 endcuts, as well as a pile of pressure treated 4x4 stubs----and a bag of marshmallows, commenting as they approached "man I was cold, so I started this fire. It sure is warm, would you like me to cook you up a marshmallow?"

Bureaucrats and idiots go hand-in-hand. They are complementary.
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LOL Tony you have to move to Canada.

I had huge fires when I cleared my lot. Flames over 20' high many times and the neighbours didn't blink.

We had a hurricane hit in Oct 2003 and they clamped down on fires due to all the dead wood. Now you just need to pay $5 to get a burning permit for 2 weeks.

Sometimes there are fire bans but it is during dry periods in the summer when it makes sense.
I once did...

Well close, just across the locks near the Soo....

There, we had bonfires, and no permits required.

Then Seney burned all summer, and people didn't like driving through 28 miles of charred black swampland, so they clamped down a bit after that...

The bastards..
I had someone call the fire dept after doing a killer burnout down the street from my friends house when I was a teenager. Now THAT was funny! :)
Re: seafoam

When I was very young, like in grade school, I lived across the street from a kid my own age who looked a little like me. But, this delinquent liked to set fires - houses, trees etc. The cops would come to my house looking for the kid who was setting the fires and my mother would casually tell them, " Oh, you want the kid across the street." It was a shame because his parents were very nice people.

I've also used "top end cleaner" and even just water to clean out the engines of carbureted cars by pouring into the carb. Creates much smoke. Fun for the "skeeters" but stay upwind.
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