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SO I am looking at a 1982 240zx that this guy will sell me for 850 dollars. It runs and drives well but the under body is covered in rust and has eaten threw in some spots. My question is for you all is should I buy it? If so how hard would it be to repair all the rusted parts with it being all one body.
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A 240zx that has serious rust issues? Welcome to the site, prepare to get flamed.
do you know how to weld?

Some rust does not tell us a lot. Some rust for me will not mean the same as "some rust" to you.

Honestly, for a rusty car, not worth more than a couple hundred, up to 6 or 7 if the interior's in great shape and she runs well. You can transfer parts to a good shell you buy somewhere else.

Otherwise, it will cost a small fortune and you're better off buying one that is in good shape for a bit more out of the southern US and driving it home.

Unless it has $850 of usable parts.
An 82 240ZX? Isn't that the ultra rare special edition? **** yea, jump on it before somebody else snatches it out from under you!
Ok so I was a little vague it has a ton of rust on the bottom like I can see threw the floor in some spots. As for the interior it has cracked seats and a badly cracked dash.
For $3650 more you could have a no rust Turbo one with 58k on it. HINT I am selling one....
The first datsun I bought was an 81 zx that I got for $200, it was intended to be a project but ended up being a royal pain. It was just as you described but I got $800 worth of parts out of it for my other shell. If I was you i'd run away as fast as I could and take lineC's advice. I took a parts car off his hands a while back & with $1,000 worth of parts/material am now driving it but said car was not a total rust bucket.
If you really really really want it that bad find one in a junkyard look at the pannels conditions where its rusted the worst.
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