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Yup, that area is very susceptible to rust for
some reason. I think it's because of where the
water is routed to. Plus if leaves and other
crap find their way in there, they'll hold
condensation. That area on my 83 is also rusted
I started to fix the rust by taking off the
whole front right fender. A whole plethora of
rust wholes was visible after the plastic
inner fender wall came off. Since my holes
aren't too big in one area to be dangerous.
I patched them up with very thick fiberglass.
I used the marine fiberglass that is used to
make boat bodies. You can probably buy it at
a boat shop. But by what you described, it sounds
like you'll have to get it all welded from the
inside. It would not be job for a novice, welding
is like an art. If you don't have experience,
pay someone to do it, it might be a good idea
to keep track on them to avoid being ripped off.
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