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I have the exact same problem with my '74 260, which is a Flroida car and otherwise pristine. I need the same patch panel, which to be properly installed, would have to be welded from the inside. If I find a source for this part, I will let you know.

> OK guys, help me with this one...... I have
> rust below the battery tray running from the
> frame rail up north of the battery tray,
> back to the firewall and forward to just
> behind the strut tower. Several areas of
> metal have rusted completely thru. Canning
> the car is not an option as this car is
> Highly modified and this is the only area
> that rust was overlooked or avoided when the
> car was painted. This car has a V8
> transplanted into it, and I want to address
> this now, because of the obvious safety
> A: Does anyone sell an inner fender patch/
> Replacement

> B: If not, how have these areas been
> replaced in the past.

> I'm not concerned about the battery tray as
> I have relocated an Optimus Battery to the
> rear hatch, so all I'm really concerned
> about is making the car whole and stable in
> that area. Any pointers or parts vendors
> would be appreciated. Tweeks, Motorsport and
> VB don't sell a patch kit...... I already
> checked.
> Thanks
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