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> Recently I removed the gas tank from my 73
> 240z to replace the fuel guage sending unit
> and to clean it up a bit. The tank was out
> of the car for about a week befor I put it
> back in. I have 2 glass inline fuel filters
> that are now collecting a large amount of
> rust. I guess I should have done a
> proceedure I believe is called schloshing
> but I wasn't sure what to coat the inside of
> the tank with. If anyone can tell me what I
> should use for this process and where to buy
> it I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
> again

You can take it and get it acid dipped at a radiator shop. Then take it an get it powder coated on the outside I'm not sure if that covers the inside. You can get pour in liners for the inside. Try this Nissan wants an arm and a leg for a new gas tank in about the same condition.
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