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running NOS in my 280zx

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What upgrades will i need to perform to safely run 100hp shot of nos through the old L28E? Thinking about keeping it NA, doing internals, exhaust, probably Haltech management.
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you can run nitrous safely...on a healthy well tuned motor it shouldn't be a problem. it's like boost...too much boost on a motor that's not tuned will tear it up quickly.
....by the time you did what you need to do to make it "safe" to run nos you could build a "REAL" hi performance engine and make it dependable too..... i cant see runnin' nos unless youre racing for $$$ or already have too much of it....... .....s
Put a high pressure fuel pump in the car, watch where the timing goes and run a wet system. If the car runs strong now you will have good performance from it on the spray. The only thing I would be worried about is the headgasket going. Free flow exhaust and a good air intake modification are a good idea. If you want to talk about a good combination of parts to make a "safer" nitrous car gimmy a call.

Alex C
Horsepower Sales
I don't feel safe will cost much much on a L28 that is in good condution.

Have to have
Full throtal switch $25
Fuel pressure switch $20

Would be nice to have
Rive limitter $75 or Window switch $125

I have put togather a 75 hp shot to go on a 80. $320. FTS & FPS
Maybe just run it anyway? If she blows up, then put in a V8 if you want your ZX to drag race.
its funny how so many people comment on things they have never done on dont even really know much about! talk to Alex and im sure he will hook you up! Although im doubting your stock motor will handle a 100 shot but it is possible to squeeze on cast pistons just not that much!
be careful screaming NAAAWS yozsi, your car will blow up.
You might also want to look into stronger piston rings, try to get a hold of some moly ones or take the route i had to and get some chrome ones. They will stand up much better to the abuse of nos. Moly rings should be able to keep the oil from burning away from the rings a bit better because of the finer cylinder grind. Steel rings only do so much.
cheers and good luck.
thankyou all. The reason i want nos is i can get it set up cheap. And i figured to run a high power turbo set up would be the same, but i dont have the money to do everything at once. IE. Internals, then NOS, the turbo
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