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Re: Thanks, & clean oil ?

> I just recently changed to Mobile One
> synthetic-- engine revs real smoothly. I
> thought since my engine burns about a quart
> about every 1,500 (thus dumping fresh lube
> in every month or two) that I would try
> changing only the filter when the oil starts
> to get cloudy. See what happens to the
> appearance. I'm curious about this because
> supposedly the synthetics are not supposed
> to break down like the fossils do. So,
> theoretically, if you could filter out the
> bad stuff, you should still have good oil.

> I certainly wouldn't do this indefinitely,
> but 5,000-6,000 miles of clean oil without
> having to crawl under the car???

> Is this faulty logic?

> Matt

Well this I m not sure about but I had other people tell me with a turbo engine u should still change it 3,000 miles. Synteics oil. with me I know I can do 36 trips then I have to change the oil that 82 miles a day
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