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Rubber window sweeper/trim info, why its not sold

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I called Motorsports after talking to a couple of automotive rubber manufacturers and I found out that the reason they only sell the lower window trim as a complete unit (chrome and rubber, not just the rubber) is that Federal copywrite laws prohibit anyone from making automotive parts that are still available from the manufacturer unless you pay the car maker a copywrite fee. Bottom line: Motorsports isn't willing to pay the copywrite fee to make the rubber for the window trim.

So, until the supply of window trim units runs out (which may take a while at $70 per side), we're out of luck.

**** shame someone can't find a suitable substitute. If I find one, I'll let you all know and we'll bypass the $70 price tag.

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Good news: we might get sweeper manufactured!!

I found out after talking to a really great rubber manufacturer in California that the copywrite laws are easily bypassed. If the make the sweeper out of a different material or a slightly different shape as the original the copywrite laws won't apply.

It wouldn't cost Motorsport much to have a moulding manufacturer make and extrusion die and have the sweeper made, certianly cheaper than the entire chrome and rubber unit.

SO . . . Call Motorsports and tell them you want to buy the rubber but won't pay $150 for both sides to buy the nissan units. If we really complain and use up some of their 800 # minutes, maybe they'll seriously consider.

Heck, even if they charge and extortionist $20-25 for each side for the rubber, it will still be only 1/3 of what we have to pay now and they will make a good profit.

Call. I already sent a slice of the sweeper to the manufacturer so he could give me an estimate of the costs of manufacturing it. Then I plan to hook him and Motorsports up and see if we can't make something happen.

> I rely on Motorsport and Victoria British on
> some things but they are really price
> gouging the consumers. It is ridiculous how
> much they are charging for small stuff!!
> (Can't really blame them as they are a
> business and need the profit).
> But most things can be fabricated. I also
> have the same problem and will find out what
> I can do with this rubber seal..

> Eric's 73 project
> www.geocities.com/~esanmiguel/projz
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