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Rubber boots on the fuel injection wiring

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My fuel injection wiring is very good. Wires are solid, plastic plugs are not broken and the contacts are good. But those little rubber boots right above the plugs are split and cracking.
Any replacement parts out there or cost effective home remedy?
Thanks in advance.
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Search - wal280z - posts ....... he had a supplier posted about a month or so ago...

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We have the boots in stock, and they're cheap, but shipping will cost you more than the boots will. I'd suggest for now, to just sterilize the boots with lacquer thinner, then take black silicone and a popsicle stick and fill in the cracks. When you find something else that you want from us, order it at the same time as the boots, and it will be much more cost effective. Keep in mind that the connectors may be getting brittle because of their age, and to install new boots you're going to probably have to cut the wires, so it might be advantageous just to replace the connectors with new ones. We do have those listed in the classified section.
Z man of Washington
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