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Centerline Trident II's

> Have a 78 280Z with original 14 rims,
> would like to buy new rims, preferably
> 16 or 17. Is this possible? Any
> info is appreciated.

I drive a '77 280Z. I went to Discount Tire and bought a set of Centerline Trident II 16x7 wheels with a 0 offset in my lug pattern for $800. YOu can also get them in 17 for your lug pattern and offset. They will have to order them and it will take about 4 weeks to come in. They are a two piece aluminum wheel and nicely done. Any shop that sells wheels should have a Centerline Catalog. If you can't find a store look up Centerline on the web and go to them for your closest dealers.
For your car you can run the 16x7 wheels with 205/55-16's and a 0 offset( or 3 1/2 backspacing) or 225/50-16's with 3 1/2 or 3 5/8 backspacing. The extra 1/8 on the
3 5/8 will keep the tires from rubbing against your rear fender wells and will still clear your suspension. Mine are backspaced 3 1/2 and occaisonally will touch my rear fender well on a hard bump. I could grind 1/16 off the inner lip of the fender well and cure it but so far the hassle isn't worth it.
Also, 17x7 wheels will fit with 225/40-17's. Same backspacing as above. These diameters and profiles will just fit under your fender well, will be able to be rotated to all four corners, and will have minimal or no impact on your speedometer accuracy.
Oh yes, I put Dunlop 225HR50-16's on my car. I went for the H rating for the improved handling, heat rejection, and most of all - I got 4 of them, mounted, balanced, and warranteed for $500.
Hope this helps.
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