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rim bolt pattern...

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ok ok i know the bolt pattern on my 280zx is 4bolt 4.5in....but is there a metric size i can use? i know i see these...4 bolt 100mm and 4 bolt 114.3mm...what else size would fit on my car...seems are to find a 4.5
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haven' fun tonight it's a joke


114.3mm = ~4.5"
everytime i see someone just say "search the archives" i get this kinda jerk attitude from it.. even though i dont want to be plagued by little annoying questions in the board, and i know its to keep volume of posts down so as to avoid missing anything in the background...

but anyway my point is, what blue does when he says to search the archives is ANYTHING but spam. this is an inventive, and eye catching, way of NOT being an ******* when youre saying something that could be construed as such... and i for one like it and applaud it.

spam, indeed.
Actually I am copying the great Kammy! Just having some fun.

All the regulars here probably know my poor sense of humour... kind of a drunk Fozzy Bear :)

I don't mean any harm from it and I am sorry if I upset you.
no harm, just didn't know you wanted me to search the archives....didnt even see the search in your pic...sorry..
but neway.. 114.3 will fit my 280zx then right
read this:


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sorry didnt work...
ok i'm looking at these


will it work? is the offset right and what not..i dont know what i'm looking for...
ok...sorry the link worked...ok thats about the link...now i know what i need to do..
We aim to please and also make you laugh :)
where is Kammy? have not heard him on the board in a while.
Nice pictures blue,can u post a mexican how bout asian?
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