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right rear noises

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I know suspension noises have been covered a million times, but I can't help myself. Only the right rear suspension has two strange noises.
1. Often when I start a slow turn or stop or start I have a minor noise that sounds like a knuckle cracking.
2. When I go over sharp bumps, even lane divider turtles, I get a sharp clanking noise.
Anybody have a good guess or should I just turn up the radio?
Thanks for your help.
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Thanks for your input. I have a new driveshaft. Is there an on the car check for half shaft u-joint problems?
yeah you have to get under the shaft and push and pull with two hands on the shaft. Direction of applied forces are parallel to the u joint spider.

Grab as close to each end of the half shaft and try to find play in that joint (there is a u joint at each end of the 1/2 shaft)

If there is play then the joint is bad.

It ie easiest if your hands are close to the joint

Do both ends of the 1/2 shaft.

Keeping the car in gear and handbrake on helps remove other areas from falsly moving/clunking.

Carefull not to crush yourself.

Just back the car up on those $25 metal ramps on level concrete.

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Listen this just happend to me. Your problem is the "gland nut" on your right rear strut backed off. Just jack the car up and re torque the nut and your problem will go away. I remember when mine was messed up, it drove me crazy! and translated a minor road crack into a rifle crack!!!! but all due to a backed off strut gland nut.
Thanks for the idea.
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