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So I just very recently bought a 85 300zx and my whole plan is to put it all back together and get it running. It’s in pretty decent shape the engine is half taken apart because the owner before the guy I bought it from was working on it, said two cylinders were misfiring, but never said which ones. It’s my first Nissan or Z car for that matter and I wanted some help!

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PO tore the engine apart because it was misfiring and didn't mention which ones? man... chances are it could have just been something simple like a bad injector or plug not firing.

Pretty ballsy to jump on a Z31 for a first Z car.... well, one that needs work anyways. the 300zx is not as work-friendly as the earlier cars, but if you can learn to work on a Z31, then by god you'll be able to work anything! you're gonna need to get that manual that was already mentioned above^^^^^ its free btw.

Head over to the following sites for much needed knowledge and parts.... you're gonna need 'em.
Start with the Z31 section on Xenon's site (everything you need to know about the 300zx)


Good Luck!

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