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replacement wires?? w/pic

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Hey, i believe these are called my Fuel injection fusible link wires? well as you can see they are corroded and taped up. when unplugged the car dies, and i think these being loose while driving has been causing some problems. So i need a suitable replacement, but im not sure if a simple single cable will work because as you can see at one point, the single wire splits into two, then back to one again?? if this is for a fusible link purpose or whatever im not sure.
DOES anyone know what i should replace them with??



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Wish I could help, but was wondering how you
got the picture in the body of your message?
thats the fuel injection, ecu power wires. i just took them out of my 77 to install a cadillac 472 with carb. her's a link to the wiring diagram i used to rewire to the v8.
well ive got this diagram, shows what ive got on my car, does anyone know of a replacement tho????
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